Our First Giving Back Success Story!

During this prolonged pandemic, it has become increasingly clear that frontline healthcare workers are tiering, despite giving their all.  All the training in the world can’t quite prepare one to be ready for such a dramatic change in normality.  To balance an already stressful work environment with unprecedented challenges is something that should be recognized, praised, and appreciated.  From this thought, Soula Box created a way to give back and say thank you. 

A very special thank you to Oriana Turley, the founder of Medicine Mountain Scrub Company for being the original inspiration behind the Healthcare Appreciation Box, and the catalyst to such a wonderful cause!  Oriana is a local Registered Nurse working on the Covid team since March, so this project was one that couldn’t get closer to home for her.

This box was born with a destiny to be a collaborative and highly thoughtful way to let our deserving local medical staff know that their community recognizes their exceptional efforts in fighting this deadly virus.  This gift-by-donation program has proven to be such a success, and we are overjoyed to report that we were able to design, package, and deliver a beautiful bountiful pile of Soula Box gift boxes to our local hospital staff on the frontlines of the fight against Covid-19. 

In process in our cheery assembly line!

Missoula never ceases to prove that we are stronger when we stand together.  In just six short weeks we raised $7,000 of our $8,000 goal for our community’s local healthcare superheroes!  Each and every donation made a remarkable impact in helping to reach such an outstanding total amount to give back with! 

  • We received 157 donations between $5 and $45 with an average of $12, totaling over $1,500 alone! 
  • Fourteen gifting between $50 and $250.
  • Four contributing over 500!  

Quickly and effectively, the Soula Box team collected products and shipping tools, organized the process, and prepared to execute our grand vision.  Boxes were stamped with the Soula Box logo, taped, lined with brightly colored gift tissues, filled with crinkle paper, and the most important element, LOVE!  Then the entire workspace transformed into a cheerful assembly line and production processing plant.  Items included came in with various price points and many many unique assortments of thoughtful product combinations!  Filled with local specialty goods, including catered food gift certificates, local artists’ creative designs, DIY art activity kits, cozy hats and scarves, tea towels, delectable chocolate bars and caramels, meat for pick up, protective and stylish masks, specialty make-up, jewelry, and so much more.  These gift boxes consisted of a plethora of Missoula based products, boasting a high variety which includes something for everyone! 

 So many combinations! Truly something for everyone :)

Designed with care!  What a rewarding process :)

Getting creative with our curated boxes!

Oh yummy!  So fun to put together for our local covid frontline medical staff!

We are pleased to announce that on January 28th, 2021 together we gifted 283 Healthcare Appreciation Boxes to our frontline caregivers. Delivering 96 Soula Boxes to Community Medical Center and 187 to St Patrick Hospital’s Emergency Departments and Intensive Care Units. It has been reported back to Soula Box that the spread of joy through the halls has been uplifting and bringing many smiles.

"I'm an ICU nurse and received a generous box with some very lovely things for both me and my partner.  Thank you very much!  I happen to be relatively new to Missoula and this gesture was gracious and a surprising and fun way to learn about many of the local businesses." - Gratefully, Garrett

To see the grand vision come together was so deeply rewarding!

On the way to the deserving staff at Community Medical Center!

Dropping of some packages of love for the Healthcare Superheroes!

Soula Box is incredibly pleased and humbled with the success of this endeavor. Many thanks to our local medical staff and all those who participated in giving back the love and fundraising for this cause. A very special thanks with our most sincere appreciation to all our healthcare workers here in Missoula and everywhere! 

Covid-19 continues to rage, but so does love, perseverance, and kindness.

-Katie & Sonnie

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