Preparing to Help Bridge the Gap Between Loved Ones by Shipping Locally-Made Gift Boxes Across the Country for Mother’s Day

The last year has been challenging for everyone, specifically moms and women-owned businesses. The constant curveballs have seen parents adapting their professional lives to manage a new set of family responsibilities. Mother's Day has always been special, but this one is different. Don't let the extending circumstances and distance between hugs hinder you from sending mom all the pampering she deserves.   

Soula Box is a locally owned business that was born in response to Missoula’s women-owned businesses facing extreme shortfalls in revenue due to closures and restrictions. The group of twelve Missoula businesses and an advisory team came together to create a collection that launched with great success over the holidays. Soula Boxes were shipped all over the country. In addition to selling gifts for the holidays, the group raised over $7000 to gift Missoula’s 283 frontline healthcare workers with boxes of their own. Blake Nicolazzo, advisor to the group through her work for Bonfire Brands notes: “This is what it looks like when you bring women leaders together; we built a new brand to help drive local revenues in a downturn, and gave back to our community right away. Being able to offer any sort of gratitude to the healthcare workers who have stepped up during this pandemic was an honor. Keeping those shopping dollars in town meant the world to our local businesses.”

283 gift boxes for Missoula's frontline healthcare workers!

Missoula has a great history of supporting local businesses, and shopping close to home has never meant more; spending locally is a key engine of community economic sustainability. Soula Box makes it simple to support multiple small businesses with one easy point of purchase, safely from home. The company is continually expanding and diversifying its products and retailers. The collection available for purchase through the Soula Box website includes local DIY art and activity kits, cozy beanies and stylish hats, tea towels, delectable chocolate bars and caramels, protective and stylish masks, specialty organic healing balms and salves, desktop stationery, and much more. 

DIY String Art Kits have been a big hit!

Cozy Pom Beanies provided by Montana Tees!

Honey Bees Tea Towel made by Noteworthy Paper & Press!

Bathing Beauties Beads providing this DIY Labradorite Necklace Kit!(completed necklace pictured here)

Best selling Soula Box vendor-Kavita Bay of Hindu Hillbilly Farms adds: “We have all had to be heros this last year in more ways than we can count, and I think that moms are at the top of that list! Soula box was created in response to the pandemic as a way for people to support local businesses by bringing so much talent together in one place so folks can curate the perfect gift for anyone and any occasion. I think Mother’s Day will be a great opportunity to show your mom some love and appreciation while supporting locally owned businesses at the same time…” Kavita runs a small family-owned and operated apiary nestled in Alberton. As a farm to table operation, she provides the purest quality raw and handcrafted honey that’s used in her edible honey as well as skin care products straight from the hives to our community.  Her offerings in Soula Box include items such as “Honey Body Oil” and an on the go “Honey Lotion Bar”. 

Raw Wildflower Honey has been one of Soula Box's top selling products!

On the go Lotion Bar is one of the Soula Box's team top favorites!

Best selling vendor-Ana Willenbrock of Posh Chocolat of Missoula has sweetened up Soula box with delectable treats! She is a passionate chocolatier who sources the highest quality cacao beans, creating the most pure and highest quality chocolate. Combining eclectic ingredients and artisanal techniques, these treats truly are works of art. Her offerings in Soula Box include an amazing assortment of caramels and chocolate bars and they received rave reviews after the holiday shipment!  

This chocolate bar's sinful flavor combination is one of the best sellers for Soula Box! This flavor combination has been winning people's hearts all over the country!

“I was so pleased and blown away with the support that not only the local healthcare workers, but the local businesses received over the holidays that I decided to keep the dream alive and have expanded the product line offerings from the women owned businesses involved.”

-Brooke Blackler, Owner

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