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While the business impact of COVID-19 has varied depending on industry, there's one group that has been hit particularly hard in America: women-owned small businesses. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the pandemic has disproportionately affected the health of women owned small businesses.

Soula Box is our answer to this problem. We represent a collection of hard working female-owned businesses right here in Missoula, Montana.  We are offering support and a solution to unprecedented retail barriers by offering curated gift boxes, as well as build your own boxes of select artisan goods.  We also have a grand vision of getting gift boxes into the hands of our frontline covid healthcare workers.

We invite you to get acquainted with the businesses and people that make the Soula Box happen.

We know that our home is a vibrant collection of authentic people and values, so we wanted to craft a gift box that reflects our community.  Our roots have been founded in supporting local, and this year staying safe by purchasing from home has never been more crucial. 

Soula Box was officially launched on ‘Small Business Saturday’ on November 28th 2020!  In this short time we have raised hundreds of dollars for our communities front line healthcare superheroes!  The Healthcare Appreciation Box is a great way of giving back to those who are helping our community in these difficult times.  Donations can be in any amount.  These donations will be compiled and gift boxes will be generated from the total amount. We’ve set a goal of $8,000.  If we reach this goal we will be able to gift 250 medical staff!  We are taking donations up to the end of the year, then distributing boxes throughout January as a big THANK YOU for all of their hard work through 2020.

We have some exceptional local businesses on the team and we are so excited about this community we are building!  In the box we have items from CREATE Art Bar, True Food Missoula, Betty’s Divine, Presents of Mind Design, Dr. Smiths Botanicals, Posh Chocolates, Hindu Hilbilly, Mountain Meat Shares, Noteworthy Paper & Press, Bathing Beauties Beads, Montana Tees, and Last Best Supply Co. Supporting the box we have Missoula Indoor Ads, Gatherboard, Nimbletwist Consulting, Bonfire Branding & Communications and Mountain Medicine Scrub Company.

There is a remarkable potential for a symbiotic relationship which could truly benefit our partners and affiliates, the local economy, our home community, and the safety of so many.  Our goal is to encourage safe at home purchasing and steering those purchases local. 

If you have the chance to send a donation, please check us out at SoulaBox.com


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