What the Heck is Affliate Marketing Anyway?

Simply put- affiliate marketing is a method for external participants to make commission on sales. It's a way to incentivize marketers to promote a store or items in order to earn rewards. Read more to understand what exactly an affiliate partner means, and how you can make money advertising the Soula Box.

We have the technology

Today's ecommerce market is more developed and intertwined than ever before. Sophisticated tools are in place behind every major ecommerce website which makes it possible to know exactly who referred a customer that purchased an item. Even if that customer made the purchase 30 days after their initial visit, commission can still be awarded to the initial referrer. For example, let's say you write blog where you write about the best places to order socks online. Perhaps you link readers to your favorite foot fashion website and that online store happens to have an affiliate program. If you are an affiliate of that store, that means you can earn money on sales generated from the link on your blog. If you watch a lot of YouTube videos like me, you'll notice many Youtubers include coupon codes in their videos. This is exactly what they are doing to earn extra money and it happens all the time.

In today's world, everyone is a marketer and everyone is a brand. I mentioned Youtube already, but think about Instagram, TikTok, and even popular people on Facebook. All of these people represent themselves and their individual "brand". If you are someone with a large following on ANY social media, it would be wise to consider monetization. This seems to be a growing trend in the digital space, and during quarantine it may be one of the best resources we have to promote our local economy.

Shop Local. Think Global.

One of the main objectives of the Soula Box is to empower local female owned businesses in the face of the numerous challenges imposed by the COVID pandemic. One of the ways that makes Soula Box successful is the implementation of affiliate marketing. This helps local businesses in a few different ways. For one, many of Missoula's local stores aren't fully 100% online and Soula Box gives them a platform to begin selling online. It's clear that more people are spending their time online during lockdown and it can be a safer way to shop during the pandemic rather than crowding into downtown businesses.

Another benefit to affiliate marketing is that it brings together everyone's promotional effort. Everyone has a shared interest in getting customers to shop at the local stores included in the Soula Box. Regardless if someone buys a product from a different local business, the affiliate that referred the customer still gets a cut. For example, that means that Montana Tees can advertise the Soula Box even if the customer buys items from other stores. Since Montana Tees is an affiliate, they get a percentage of that sale. Everyone has a vested interest in being included and selling Soula Boxes.

So, now you may be asking yourself the question- "How can I become an affiliate?" Luckily, we have the answer. The instructions below show the process of becoming an affiliate. If you'd like to get started right away, visit the sign-in page to create an account. It's free and only takes a few minutes to get started.

 Affliate how-to for Soula Box

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