Mountains & Pines Notebook

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This notebook isn't just beautiful, but we can also testify to it's authenticity. The cardstock cover is printed in the classic manor of Offset Printing and features a soft touch coating. 

Traditional offset printing is a print method that uses aluminum plates to transfer ink onto a rubber sheet (often referred to as a “blanket”)  The image is then rolled onto the printing surface. This printing method is considered “offset” is because the ink is not transferred to the paper directly.  

It allows the printer to use different paper types, custom finishes, and a wide variety of inks. The high-quality images produced through offset printing make it the preferred method, especially among graphic designers, when seeking the greatest level of color reproduction, detail, and professional-looking prints.

  • The pages are natural colored, are lined, and perforated. (80 sheets)
  • Binding - 1/2" Gold finish wire-o,
  • Chipboard backer
  • Size: 8" x 10"
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